Python string isspace() method with example

The isspace() method in Python is a built-in string method used to check whether a string consists of only whitespace characters.



How to use the isspace() method:

string1 = "  " # contains only spaces
print(string1.isspace()) # Output: True

string2 = "Hello World"
print(string2.isspace()) # Output: False

string3 = "\t\t"
print(string3.isspace()) # Output: True

string4 = "This is not empty."
print(string4.isspace()) # Output: False

Example 1

Removing Leading and Trailing Whitespace.

text = "  Hello, World!  "
cleaned_text = text.strip() # Removes leading and trailing whitespace

print(cleaned_text) # Output: "Hello, World!"

Example 2

Checking string whitespace characters.

text = "  Hello World!  "

if text.isspace():
  print("The string contains only whitespace characters.")
  print("The string contains non-whitespace characters.")